Streamline your College Soccer Recruiting Process.

Send and track emails to college coaches, manage your recruiting opportunities, create a soccer resume, find top colleges, and more.

How it works


Find Top Schools

Use our advanced college search tool to evaluate over 1600 schools and find the best soccer programs for you.


Create Your Resume

Build your personal brand and share vital information with coaches such as your primary position, gpa, test scores, and highlight videos.


Contact Coaches

Reach out to coaches from your top schools with personalized emails and track email activity so you can see exactly when a coach opens your email or clicks on a link.


Manage your Recruiting Opportunities

After initial outreach, utilize our Opportunities Tracker tool and Task Manager to keep your recruiting opportunities organized and become persistent in your recruiting process.


Soccer Resume Builder

Create a beautiful soccer resume to share with coaches online, or print it out for tournaments and showcases.

Advanced College Search

Search over 1600 programs and filter by division, location, gender, scholarship, tuition, test scores, admission rates and more.


Personalized dashboard showcasing analytical insights on your Soccercruit and recruiting process data.

Opportunities Tracker

A lightweight drag and drop tool to manage and track your college soccer recruiting and scholarship opportunities.

Coach Relationship Manager

Send emails, add notes, add tasks, add opportunities, and track recruiting activity for every college coach you add to your account.

Task Manager

Stay organized by creating, editing, and completing recruiting tasks linked to your coaches and opportunities.

Email Client

Email coaches right from the app and visualize your communication in a digestible timeline.

Email Tracking

With advanced email tracking you can see exactly when your emails are opened by college coaches.

Email Templates

Created customized email templates to help you send more personalized emails to coaches faster.

Top Schools

Favorite, rank, and manage your top schools in an easy to use interface.

Highlight Videos

Upload YouTube highlight videos to showcase your talent to college coaches.

Recruiting Timeline

Visualize all of your recruiting activity to keep track of what you've done and what you need to do next.

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Can I send emails directly from the platform?

Yes, our email tool allows you to send and track emails directly in the app! This helps keep all your conversations with college coaches in one easy to manage place.

Can you guarantee I will get a scholarship or make a commitment?

No, our platform is designed to help you navigate and take control of your recruiting process with smart tools and data.

Can I still use Gmail or another email client to send emails?

Yes of course! Just note that we cannot track email opens if you do not send them directly from the platform.

Are you a recruiting service?

No, we are a software product helping athletes streamline their college soccer recruiting process with helpful tools and data.

What is Soccercruit?

Soccercruit is a web application that helps aspiring college soccer players streamline their recruiting process with a suite of helpful tools.

How will it help me in the recruiting process?

When you sign up for Soccercruit you will have a unique account where you can manage and organize the most important parts of your recruiting process. No more spreadsheets or lost notes, everything you need to streamline your recruiting process is in one easy to manage place. Soccercruit provides tools to research every college soccer program, keep track of your target schools, create an online soccer resume, manage and contact college coaches, and manage your recruiting and scholarship opportunities. In addition, if you sign up with a soccer club or recruiting consultant you will have the ability to collaborate and work with them to further streamline your recruiting process.

Colin McAtee

Creator of Soccercruit

I am a former College Soccer Player for the University of Michigan, where I played from 2011-2015. I am building Soccercruit to empower aspiring college soccer players with the tools and data they need to take control of the recruiting process and ultimately play for a College Soccer Program they can be proud of. I have been speaking to top college coaches to learn what they value most in recruits so that I can build the best and most helpful platform possible. Other recruiting platforms on the market tailor to big market sports like football and basketball. SoccerCruit is soccer specific and always will be.

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