Built by a former College Soccer Player

SoccerCruit was founded by Colin McAtee, who was a First Team All Big-Ten player for the University of Michigan.

My Mission

Colin McAtee

Creator of Soccercruit

I realized there was not a soccer specific recruiting platform on the market, so I decided I would build SoccerCruit to empower aspiring college soccer players with the tools and data they need to take control of their recruiting process and ultimately play in college. I have been speaking to top college coaches to learn what they value most in recruits so that I can build the best and most helpful platform possible. Other recruiting platforms on the market tailor to big market sports like football and basketball. SoccerCruit is soccer specific and always will be.

Why SoccerCruit?

Manage all your recruiting communication, data, and opportunities in one place with our suite of tools built for aspiring college soccer players.

Recruiting Communication

Email is your most powerful recruiting tool and with Soccercruit you can email more intelligently with email tracking and email templates.

Recruiting Data

Data for every College Soccer Program at your fingertips. Search for and keep track of your top schools with our Advanced College Search tool.

Recruiting Opportunities

Manage your recruiting and scholarship opportunities from initial outreach to commitment with our Opportunities Tracker.

Ready to get started?

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