Software that helps you play for your dream school

The recruiting process is a lot of work, and isn't sexy. SoccerCruit helps you streamline the recruiting process, so you can spend more time training and less time with recruiting.

How it works

A true solution to help you streamline the college soccer recruiting process.


Find top schools

Use our advanced college search tool to evaluate over 1600 schools and find the best soccer programs for you.

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Create your resume

Build your personal brand and share vital information with coaches such as your primary position, gpa, test scores, and highlight videos.

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Contact coaches

Reach out to coaches from your top schools with personalized emails and track email activity so you can see exactly when a coach opens your email or clicks on a link.

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Manage your recruiting opportunities

After initial outreach, utilize our Opportunities Tracker tool and Task Manager to keep your recruiting opportunities organized and become persistent in your recruiting process.

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