How can SoccerCruit help your organization with the college soccer recruiting process?

The recruiting process is a lot of work, and isn't sexy. SoccerCruit helps you empower your players with powerful tools built to solve their biggest challenges in the recruiting process, such as tracking emails sent to college coaches, making the process fun and easy.

How it works

Create an organized recruiting process workflow for your entire organization.


Onboard your athletes

After creating your account, invite your athletes to sign up using your special registration link. They get their account free of charge.

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Manage your athletes

With powerful admin features you can view and manage each athlete's recruiting process from within the platform so you can keep them on track throughout the process.

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Showcase your athletes

With automated online team brochures, you can market your players to college coaches instantly. No setup necessary.

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Analyze recruiting insights

Your organization dashboard always show you the latest and most up to date data on your club's recruiting process performance.

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